Heinzman Lights at Night’s initial service when the company started in 2001 was landscape lighting. Even though products have changed dramatically over the years, Heinzman Lights at Night has kept current with industry standards.

Landscape lighting offers many benefits to a home, including increased aesthetic value, enhanced safety and security, and an extended outdoor living area. 


We will come out and provide a unique design for your property and an estimate for this design. This consultation is free.

Our unique design could include wreaths on peaks, garland on entrances, twinkling lights on roof lines, snowflakes in trees, and other unique yard art that will make your house the envy of the neighborhood.


In 2013, Heinzman Lights at Night put event lighting into our repertoire. Since then, many customers have had their venues enhanced, including weddings, parties, and holiday gatherings.

No product purchase is required. We will meet you at the location and discuss a unique design for the venue and a free estimate for the design.


Heinzman Lights at Night offers electrical services such as the installation of indoor/outdoor outlets, fans and lights, existing fixture removal, and wiring for outdoor kitchens, landscapes, pools, and hot tubs. Contact us today to learn more about our electrical services.